New to the Area

Welcome to Sheridan County! Check out this page for helpful resources as you explore the wonderful, rural quality of life our county has to offer. Below are several key contacts for amenities and services, including information about realtors, housing, rentals, utility providers, etc.

We also invite you to view the "Sheridan County Relocation Guide" for a more comprehensive view of what living in Sheridan County looks like.



  • Bainter Construction/Housing - 785-675-3297
  • Calvin Ochs - 785-657-1637,
  • Hoxie Housing Authority - 785-675-2171
  • Jeremiah Moss - 785-657-1411
  • Rick Moss - 785-675-8412
  • Steve Newell - 785-657-7717 - 3-Bedroom house to rent at 1540 Queen Ave, Hoxie
  • Steve Watkins - 785-675-1017